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What is Coworking?


December 30, 2019


What is a Coworking Space?

The number of coworking spaces have skyrocketed over the last 2 years, and many people are wondering what it is all about.

With a boom in digital entrepreneurship; many creatives and businesses are moving away from traditional jobs and using the power of the internet and social media to push their businesses forward. 

From talking to our members, many begin their journeys by converting an extra bedroom or garage into a home office or studio. And time after time, they are very distracted, quickly outgrow the space, or lack the resources that they need to get their work done. Coworking  Spaces like La Create Space offers businesses and resources and a needed change to stimulate the mind, have a place to go and work and get back on track. 

La Create Space wants everyone to stay accountable whether it is just to find a quiet place to get work done, join or host a meeting with a client, or put on an event.

Before La Create Space, the entrepreneur and business community of Inglewood found themselves getting out of the house and going to local coffee shops which although gets you in a new space; Coffee shops were not designed for long term working sessions.

And there were wifi and coffee;  it was never designed to be an office. It was designed to be a coffee shop. Grab a drink. Check your emails, or meet up with a friend.

This is where coworking starting to hit its stride. This new working concept provides businesses and creatives innovative and collaborative space. La Create Space and many other coworking spaces aim to redefine the way entrepreneurs work. And yes, there is a coffee and it's free. La Create Space gives you a wide range of options to work, create and execute your vision meet with clients or get that important deal done.

There are over 20 million small or personal service businesses.

Many are still falling into the work from home category but there is an upward trend where working from home or coffee shops are being traded for coworking space. 

Many co-workers get a different approach, learn both business and creative tips and tricks from other coworking members. Often times they experience higher profit growth and see increased business opportunities. They found that they now could go where they could find like-minded individuals. A place where they could share ideas, tips, tricks, test, and sample products, get feedback on a design or just meet a new friend, partner or customers. I call it SBB or Small Business to Business. 

Coworkers are now benefiting from a fast-paced working environment by being able to have a private work area where they could focus, open up their creativity and make new connections.

At La Create Space, we want our members to enjoy many of the connections that will be made by being apart of our community. 

Our members have access to our open workspaces,  conference rooms, studios, production equipment and loft for a wide range of projects and events. We believe that connections, motivation, positivity, and great workspace are keys to a productive environment.

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