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Marisa Johnson

May 11, 2021



La Create Sp_ce is a membership based, co-working community located in Downtown Inglewood California. Members have access to work spaces, hot desks, conference rooms, production studios, as well as all of the resources needed to create projects, host events, and get business done. Not in LA?  We have a virtual community connecting some of the top companies providing tools and recourses to help build our communities.

We believe that connecting like-minded individuals with motivation, positivity, and a great workspace are crucial to accomplishing your goals.

At La Create Sp_ce, it’s all about meeting, creating, and taking advantage of any and all new opportunities.


We started with just an idea, we talked about having a photography studio, an editing studio and a space where people could gather and talk about their next productions. Between  having a new born, juggling our full-time jobs I used my digital and project management experience, and my husband’s background at Facebook and Snapchat, and we were able to make our idea into a co working and connectivity brand .


Seeing customers build out their idea and having a hand in their successes.


Setting my intentions for the day and creating an obtainable list. Day by day progress is made and large mountains become obtainable. Make sure to add personal goals to your list outside of work related items.

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Written By
Marisa Johnson

Marisa Johnson is a visionary for innovative and unique branding. She has found her niche and passion through her keen ability to produce and brand in the Tech and Entertainment industry. Marisa fosters a talent for inspiring others while compiling ideas and bringing those dreams to life. Marisa has worked in a variety of industries implementing digital strategy with companies such as Apple, Beats by Dre, UFC, NBA’s Sacramento Kings, BET. Marisa co-owner of La Create Space and has been featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, Afro Tech for the first Creative Coworking Space in Inglewood.