Production Services

Studio and Production Services

Studio Rental

When we are not working we are creating. La Create Space offers off hour studio rental.

Photography Studio

Our 1000 square foot Photo Studio is perfect commercial shoots, headshots, product shoots and.Space comes with house lighting kit, a backdrop and crew is available on demand.


Our 1000 square foot Film Studio is perfect commercial shoots, interviews, music videos and shows. Space comes with house lighting kit, a backdrop and crew is available on request.

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Recording and Post Production

Book your podcast or recording session at La Create Space. Our Podcast studio is sound proof and comes standard with 3 mics and includes recording, mixing and delivery.

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Production Services

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Video and TV Production

Our Video Production team is produces everything from interviews, kickstarter campaign, social media, to music videos, films, tv and shows to multi-camera productions. Our team will work with you to create the visuals that your viewers would love

Podcast and Recording Studio

Our Podcast and Recording Studio is the perfect studio to record podcast, vocals, mix audio, record voiceovers and preview songs and videos. We have professional mics, mixers and workstation to let you focus on creating in a private creative recording studio.

Live Event Production

Our Live Event Production Team specializes in producing Live , Multi-camera Productions and Shows, Live Performances, livestream,  Zoom Webinars for social media and other online platforms. We offer AV Services for parties and events on request.

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Need Gear for your Production or Shoot?

We have all the gear you need for your production.

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